Butterfly Amicus Advance Table Tennis Robot

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The Advance version of the new Amicus robot. Complete ball sequences with variable landing positions, including random balls. Store up to 10 exercises programmed by the user. AFC function to automatically adjust the time intervals between balls with varying speed and spin.

Convenient to transport, quick to build, easy to use and only 6kg total weight. Up to 100 balls per minute with 4 levels of height adjustment. Unique ejection head with 3 wheels for variable topspin, backspin and sidespin balls without the need to reset the programme. Speed, spin, placement and trajectory can be controlled directly from the control panel.

The robot head clamps conveniently on to the end of the table with the feeding tube directly inside the ball tray within the collection net. The balls are recycled automatically. The collection net is attached to the robot head and then hooked on to the net and post set at each side of the table.

Carry case included. 2 years manufacturer warranty.


TTFC recommends this robot out of all the others. The club already has one so you can try it out before purchasing. You would be getting a brand new version of course. Email us at to arrange collection from our London office or training venues.